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“The Refurbishment of Marine Drive”

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This website is created and managed by
ARC-CGL Consultants Pvt Ltd

The Task

REFURBISHMENT OF MARINE DRIVE  with the  intent to Brand & propagate the ‘place’  as a landmark

The Approach

ARC-CGL  believes that Place Architecture is too important to be left only to the architects!

It believes that place architecture must go beyond function, aesthetics and beauty into creating true landmarks with cultural & economic overlays.
It is with this philosophy that ARC-CGL has approached this project of national importance that is significant to Mumbai and, in turn, to other metros of the country.
Our endeavor is to take the project ‘beyond beauty’ and have it transform Marine Drive into being a global landmark. This can be achieved through place branding by creating ‘experiences’ within the project scope.


Why Place Branding?

In an increasingly connected world, every place must compete with every other place for its share of wealth, talent, and attention.
Just like a famous company, a famous landmark, city, region, or country has to sell itself to attract the best people, visitors, investment and events and play a prominent and useful role in national or international affairs.

What is a Place Brand?

A Place Brand captures, embodies and actualizes the vision and foresight of the city fathers and custodians. It gives a place PURPOSE... beyond beauty and aesthetics.

A Place must create a romance, tell a story and add to national pride !


Your view is important to us
The purpose of this website is to raise awareness towards the project and obtain citizens’ views and suggestions towards the project. We encourage suggestions & feedback on this project by email only to enable documentation & accountability towards this project and for other opportunities it provides to create value for the Mumbai environment.

This is not an official website and as project consultants, it will be our endeavor to reach your suggestions to the relevant authorities. We take no responsibility for lack of communication, lack of response or lack of implementation of any suggestions given through this website.

Suggestions to ARC-CGL may be sent to arc-cgl@marinedrive.org


We are looking for bright individuals with a passion for brands and architecture who wish to make a difference, who wish to lead and who have an inherent capacity to challenge the conventional and think out of the box.

In the event you are interested in a career in the following disciplines

  1. Branding / Marketing
  2. Urban Architecture, society relevant design studies
  3. Place Branding

Please do write in with your CV and a note as to how you can add to ARC or its constituents to jobs@marinedrive.org